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So here’s a thought….
International investors are going to flee Britain and Europe because of the instability caused by BrExit. Those that were considering buying there, will now come to the US, where the Dollar is comparably stable. This will cause a rapid increase in demand, driving prices and values to spike in the VERY short term.

I do not believe that Britain will actually leave the EU. I think that either Parliament will reject the Brexit vote, or there will be another referendum which results in the decision to stay in the EU. Eventually, the fear and capital flight caused by the first Brexit vote will fade and the Euro & Pound will normalize.

The effect of this dip and recovery will create an immediate opportunity for a six-twelve month flip in the US. Then later, as the Pound and Euro hit the bottom of their Brexit slide, the opportunity for buy and hold again across the pond will decrease US demand, which will then mellow. That, my friends, isn’t a bubble, it’s a wave we can surf!

I have not recommended flipping properties since 2006. It is such a dangerous enterprise and I have seen so many people lose their asses doing it. It reminds me of the fortunes won and lost in the 90’s when people started “day-trading”.
Anyway, I think there is an opportunity to make money flipping RIGHT NOW, and right now only. By right now, I mean get into escrow within the next 30 days or don’t bother.

This is my theory right now. I am very excited by it, but do not have time today to fully research and write it. By the time I do, I think the opportunity will be gone. I will follow up next week with some more research on the subject, but I felt the need to get it down in writing before I forgot.
Now I have to get back to other tasks of my business.

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Be back soon!